Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Time for Mom-Me Retreat for?

The Time for Mom-Me Retreat is for moms who want to have more business/life satisfaction and make self-care a part of their motherhood experience.  The Retreat is for moms who want to learn the practical tools, systems and methods that I use as The Mom Strategist™, helping thousands to own the powerful choices available to them, while still being a great mom to your children.

I need you to take your self-care seriously, because you have the hardest job in the world! You are raising our future leaders, building sustainable businesses and careers…so maintaining your health and wellness and learning what and how to prioritize YOU is critical so that you can have the energy and maintain the vibrancy that is required to do all of this.

Every mom who want to get clear on how to accomplish her dreams, plans and goals will benefit at the  Time for Mom-Me Retreat. This retreat day is the catalyst of change for you, where you will learn that achieving more in your life is directly related to your self-care strategy.  I support moms who are single moms, have children with special needs, work 40+ hours a week outside/inside the home, are stay-at-home moms etc.. all learn the specific ways to live your best life with better strategy.

What do I experience while I’m there?

We have an amazing agenda in store for you. I call the event an “Experience” because it really is. Delicious food, relevant learning and deep connections with other women like you will all be wrapped in one powerful day.

What is the focus of this event?

My expertise is in teaching moms how to better prioritize their own self-care so they  can enjoy the journey of motherhood from a reflective and re-energized place. So many  mothers aren’t choosing what is best for their families because great choices require clarity, and many of us are too busy to get clear. Also, I have assisted over 46 clients in  becoming authors and many of them are bestselling authors.

I’ve assisted tons of clients  start their businesses and create powerful systems to leverage their platforms and to  monetize their messages. (Just recently I helped a client make $40K in her business over 2 days.)  My clients are attorneys, physicians, business owners, stay-at-home moms, artist etc…   I’ve also shared great strategies to help clients up-level their  relationship with their partner. The most important things to know as a mom are the life and business systems that you need to have in place.  I help moms answer the question, “What do I really want for my life?”  I help moms create the blueprint to work that plan.

The focus of the event is to support you with identifying your purpose and developing the steps to live it.  I find that most moms have big dreams and plans that they never truly act on because they can’t figure out how to manage both motherhood and their dream.  My expertise is in supporting moms with accomplishing their biggest goals because I’ve been exactly where you are a few years ago.

My strategies are not fluff, they work and I have a proven success record that clearly demonstrates the success of my clients. I know the specific objections and obstacles that moms have to overcome in order to truly make their dreams a reality.  I also understand the internal struggle that most moms encounter whenever they are trying to decide to invest in themselves.

What to wear?

Business Casual, comfortable attire.  Remember to bring a sweater because we will be in an air conditioned room.

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